Standard /Deep Cleaning
House cleaning

For standard and deep cleaning prices may vary. Depending on the number of Bedrooms and baths price range can be between $60 - $250.

Carpet Cleaning

For 1 bedroom cost is $60. For 2 bedrooms cost is $50 per room. For 3 bedrooms and a hall cost will be $125. 

Living room $50-$75 depends on how stained your carpet is. 

Move In/Move Out
Move in/Move out

Move in/Move Out cleanings varies from $80-$250 depending on the number of bedrooms. Apartment move in/move out cleanings comes with discount when its more than 1

Office Cleaning
Office Cleaning

1,000-2,000sq ft. $150-$200

3,000-4,000sq ft. $200-$250

5,000-6,000sq ft. $250-$300

7,000-8,000sq ft. $300-$400

Upholstery Cleaning

$30 Chair

$50 Love Seat

$70 Couch

$100-$135 Sectional 

Auto Seat Detail
Auto Seat Detail

A choice between steam cleaning or shampooed seats. Both cleans rid of stains and kills any odor thats stuck in seats. $50 for cars and $60-$75 for SUVs & Trucks