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Move In/Move Out Checklist

  • Take all nails and screws out of walls and ceiling and putty them smoothly
  • Dust the ceiling fixtures
  • Dust all ledges
  • Clean the windows
  • Clean the door knobs and doors
  • Clean all light switches and outlets
  • Clean walls and baseboards
  • Vacuum (get any stains out of carpet)
  • Get rid of cobwebs
  • Get soapscum off the bathroom tiles and tub/shower and bleach the grout
  • Clean out the bathroom drawers and vanity, making sure you get all hair out (remove any liners)
  • Clean toilet, sink, countertops and finally the floor(sweep and mop).
  • Clean mirrors
  • Clean out cabinets and liners
  • Wash the front of the cabinets
  • Clean and disinfect all countertops
  • Clean and shine up the sink and faucet
  • Scrub the refrigerator inside and out. Remove all shelves and clean seperatly if necessary.
  • Scrub the oven inside and out. Remove shelving, drip pans and burners.
  • Clean out the dishwasher if you have one
  • Clean exhaust fan if needed
  • Remove all appliances and sweep behind them

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